The Athletic Club Building

 The Athletic Club building. Previous was a 4-building built around 1920. My goal is to combine them to create one building but remain almost all structure as was built and implement a new structure where we can see both linking the old and the new structure. This connection reflects the experiences, how something can be transformed, reused, and adapted through time. For example, when we visit the gym and do exercise, we achieved the transformation that we want with the same body but improved. In this design I am focused on; a potential program and an organization that can help me to achieved my goal. How I achieved my intent? I used 90% of the old face and introduce a new dynamic structure with steel and glass. Inside of the building, I used the partition of the 4 buildings and combine them, remain the columns as a structured system. I also designed my program and circulation as a priority and the connection between all areas and the illumination in each space.