Public Bathroom

In this project, I had to design a public toilet structure housing 8 toilets and 8 sinks. Plumbing is the only mechanical system and the structure should address light and ventilation. The maximum total area 700sf. I needed to consider the topography of the site, and the many user groups that pass through the site (joggers, dog walkers, playground, and urban pedestrian).

I decided to use the concept of the park and I came up with the idea of a tree. I used as inspiration “The trail Restroom” Miro Rivera. I created a steel structure covered with frozen glass inviting light into the toilets. The structure is connected with the playground at the bottom and the pedestrian path at the top. I did studies on how a structure can be similar to a tree. The structure in the bottom has all the roots together and, in the top, the same root creates the toilet partitions. In the center of the structure have a glass where you can walk in and see how the steel root came from the bottom and create the partition in the top.